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PythonParts Generator boosts parametric architectural forms and parametric 3D rebar detailing in Allplan

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Pythonparts generator

Pythonparts Generator, Flexible CAD software includes new tools for creating parametric architectural forms and Parametric 3D rebar detailing.

PythonParts Generator, the latest release of the flexible Allplan CAD toolbox from ALLTO, is now available for Allplan 2024/2023/22/21. The new version introduces new modelling tools, a speed boost for Structural Engineers and Architects’ workflows, and better drafting 3D parametric modeling tools. There’s also a more customizable UI, friendly interface, familiar with Allplan users  and more.

PythonParts Generator includes several new modelling tools that can help architects create simple 3D parametric models for conceptual design. This includes many features, which appears to work a bit like Revit Family by allowing Allplan users create a group of components used to build a model, for example, walls, windows, stairs, doors, bathrooms, fixtures, showers, etc., with a common set of properties, or parameters, and a related graphical representation.

In general, each pythonparts has multiple types, for example, different sizes, materials and more. Changes to a particular library item are updated parametrically throughout entire projects. To understand through an example, consider a table. If the height of the table is changed, all tables of the same type within a project are updated automatically.

Create different types of 3D parametric objects: the tool has the ability to draw, design, model structures and modify the parametric objects depending on your own needs. It is the solution architectures and engineers have been looking for in Allplan.

PythonPart Generator files can be share with other Allplan user by .json files. Parameters of exported elements can be added to an external database.  Parametric values that are changed in the database are updated in the Allplan project’s elements, such as rooms, floors, roofs, walls, and other libraries.

Allplan users can save their 3D modelling as PythonParts, enabling easy sharing within teams, companies, or the wider community. This allows fellow Allplan users to download, utilize, and make modifications effortlessly.​

PythonParts Generator also allows users to quickly move, rotate, scale, copy, cut, and extrude geometry. Design changes can be made easily, since ALLTO libraries facilitate the control of similar elements.

Allplan’s users have asked ALLTO to customize and tailor specific 3D objects to their unique requirements, providing a personalized experience which Allplan software is lacking of for non-programming users. Even Allplan has many PythonParts are available, however, these still cannot cover all users need.

Creating T-BEAM from parametric 3D model, parametric rebar detailing to section and labeling

PythonParts Generator that can be broadly classified as:

  1. Create Axis in 3D that can be controlled by dimension
  2. Create different types of Dimension (linear, angle)
  3. Set parameter for Dimension that allow user to input value
  4. Parameter name/page/expander can be controlled in parameter tab

Creating parametric 3D objects with ALLTO PythonParts Generator

Create different types of 3D objects: we have the ability to draw, design, and model structures depending on your needs.​

  1. Create different types of object (Extrude, Revolved, Loft)
  2. Support different types of object profile/path (Line/Polyline/Spline/Circle/Ellipse/Polygon)
  3. Support operator for object (Union/Subtract/Intersect)
  4. Create and modify fixture
  5. Users can create nested PythonParts by insert feature, and also copy, move, array…

Creating parametric 3D reinforcement detailing with ALLTO PythonParts Generator

Creating sections for T-Beam reinforcement by ALLTO pythonparts generator

PythonParts Generator creates 2D and 3D libraries, which can be parametric or non-parametric. Changes and variations of materials and sizes are edited in parametric input.

Several variations in a single python part can be stored as types. Non-parametric library have unique properties in shape and size, which cannot be altered.

Both parametric and non-parametric pythonparts are useful at different times and for different reasons in 3D architectural modelling.

Improved User Experience: Allplan’s users have asked ALLTO to customize and tailor specific 3D objects to their unique requirements, providing a personalized experience and make the visualization of projects much more realistic and accurate. 3D design of bridges and roads, tunnel, infrastructure projects.​

It’s also easy to share the PythonParts file for others to make changes (.json)​

Building and Expanding a Strong Community of Allplan's Users

With this PythonParts Generator, intuitive interface, and powerful functionalities have empowered architects and engineers to create stunning designs and streamline their workflows.

With this vision in mind, We want to build a strong community platform dedicated to Allplan users. This platform would serve as a hub where architects and engineers can share their 3D parameter modelling objects with others. By bringing together a diverse range of Allplan users, we can leverage our collective expertise, share best practices, and explore innovative techniques to enhance our work.

Download PythonParts Generator here >

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