Automated Wall Opening Reinforcement

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In general tab, you can define the horizontal and vertical concrete cover.

Stirrup reinforcement

In stirrup tab, you could defined which side should have stirrup. It can be open or close stirrup. In diameter, spacing and length can also be defined. the stirrup segment length could be set in SETTING included: Outer, Axis, Internal dimensions. It can be the same with segment length in ALLPLAN. Door or window type will be created.

Get geometry

  • Firstly, input maximum stirrup length you want.
  • Click ‘Get Geometry’, then choose the opening you want to get geometry. the Stirrup with the distance to the edge have been define autumatically.

Additional rebar

Additional rebar on each side could be defined. Start and end overlap could be input differently. Horizontal rebar can have hook in both side. 3 layers of additional rebar are supported.

Diagonal rebar

Diagonal rebar on each side can be defined in this tab.

Extra Stirrup

Extra Stirrup reinforcement is included in this tab. You can also create corner rebar for extra stirrup.

Starter rebar

Starter rebar for vertical rebar can be defined in this tab.

Calculate Overlap automatically

Overlap can be input automatically base on diameter. You can also customize the calculator in SETTING. From here, you choose the concrete grade and database for each type of rebar. 

Furthermore, you can define your own overlap database by your company standard.

Save and Load favorite

You can save your input as favorite files and upload it to use later. 

Create python part element

You have ability to create as normal reinforcement or Pythonpart element with position name.


Editing and automate updating by double click the pythonparts element or by defined name.

Wall and Wall Opening

Wall and Wall opening reinforcement can be created with PythonParts in ALLPLAN. Speed up the work and saving time!
⭐︎ Automatically update the changes in walls and wall above. Also for wall openings!
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