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ALLTO has released tools that automate the modeling of reinforcement for column in ALLPLAN software.

ALLPLAN PythonParts for Column Reinforcement makes it efficient to model main rebar, stirrups, side bar, calculate overlap and create sections… a task that structural engineers and structural engineers have to spend a lot of time on if they’re stuck doing it manually.

let's start

Let’s install the pythonpart tool and get start.

column Stirrup

In ‘Stirrup’ tab, you can define hook length, hook angle and concrete cover. Enter cover settings for column reinforcement, main reinforcement, and stirrup layout. Hook angle has 2 options 90 and 135. Stirrup can be defined in 3 different spacings.

corner rebar

Corner rebar can be a straight or crank rebar. We can define it in corner rebar tab.

  • All lengths can be customized.
  • Extra stirrup can also be included.
  • Crank distance for both sides is possible to be defined.

side rebar

Side rebar can be defined similarly.

  • Set hook length to 0 to create straight rebar without hook
  • Reinforcement can be created for any object or for only column object.
  • Defined the different rebars.

Define Different Rebar

In some cases, you need to define differently for corner and side rebar. To do that, you go to general tab –> turn off ‘same as’, the ‘corner 2’ tab will appear and you can define the corner 2 rebar differently.

Modify, rearrange marks and create legend for these objects have been created by allplan pythonparts such as bar schedule – bending shapes. It’s like you do manually with ALLPLAN.

Get geometry

Ex: You have 2 columns, column above is smaller than column below. You can use feature Get Geometry to define quickly corner and side rebars with some clicks. 

connection rebar

You can also stop the side rebar and create the connection bar. Defined different number, diameter and concrete cover for each side.

extra pin rebar

In Extra pin tab, you can define pin setting such as hook, diameter. Spacing can be adapted to stirrup spacing or can be created independently. You can control the extra pin easily on the right side. 

Intermediate stirrup

Intermediate stirrup can be defined similarly by clicking start and end bar.

Generic stirrup

We use the same method applied to generic stirrup. Select bar by bar to define generic stirrup.


Overlap can be input automatically base on diameter. You can also customize the calculator in SETTING. From here, you choose the concrete grade and database for each type of rebar. 

Furthermore, you can define your own overlap database by your company standard.

Section and cross section

You can define the column section, dimension, title with parameter… by your company standard.

Creating Reinforcement or Python part Element

You have ability to create as normal reinforcement or Pythonpart element with position name.

Edit & Automate updating

Editing and automate updating by double click the pythonparts element or by defined name.

Column Reinforcement is a feature of our PythonParts for ALLPLAN, which covers modeling and documentation of elements and reinforcement of walls, beams, and now columns.

Take a free 7-day trial of Column Reinforcement.

  • Email us at to get the installation file that matches your Allplan version.
  • Open ALLPLAN.
  • In the ALLTO library, select Column Reinforcement.
  • Activation code will be sent to you via email.
  • Enter the activation code.
  • Trial away!

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