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It would be nice to have a “strip footing” tool, without having to need a wall with which to attach a foundation to. We understand a lot of people model strip foundations as ground bearing slabs, sketching the outlines for each element. It would be simpler and easier for users to set a strip foundation width and depth, and then click between two points to create the strip footing.

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Strip foundations (or strip footings) are a type of shallow foundation that are used to provide a continuous, level (or sometimes stepped) strip of support to a linear structure such as a wall or closely-spaced rows of columns built centrally above them. ALLTO set up a friendly interface and all you need to do is input the data to create the strip foundation. The work can be done in a few minutes.

Transverse Section

In ‘Transverse Section’ tab, you can define concrete cover, height, width and bottom elevation of the foundation. 

Switch the layer between transverse and longitudinal rebar. And changing positioning axis to easier define reinforcement.

Transverse Rebar

Transverse Rebar can be a Pin or a Close Stirrup. You could define hook length, hook angle and diameter for Close Stirrup. Spacing can be defined to 3 regions with different spacing.

Longitudinal Rebar

Longitudinal rebar could be created by Spacing or Number. You can add hook and define offset if it’s necessary. Top longitudinal rebar is also supported.

For long strip foundation, define Maximum length and lap length to automatically cut rebar.

Side Rebar

Side rebar is also supported.

Creating strip footing reinforcement

Click start and end axis points. (Please check the Positioning axis in “Transverse Section” tab)

You can set the elevation automatically by click 1 point in 3D animation.

Starter Rebar

In “Starter” tab, you can define wall width, concrete cover and starter length.

  • You can choose 3 types of Starter Rebar Pin, 1 L shape or 2 L shape.
  • You could choose whether or not to adapt Starter Rebar to Longitudinal Rebar.

Save & Load Favorite

You can save your input as a favorite file to use later. Loading favorite file to quickly define all inputs.

Get Geometry

Quickly define some parameters with button.

  • Choose Foundation and Wall above to Get geometry. Width, length and Positioning elevation of the Foundation have been defined.
  • Wall width has been defined and wall has been placed at center of the Foundation.

Create as Python Part Element

You have ability to Create a normal reinforcement Or a PythonPart element with Position name. You can double click to PythonPart element and modify it again. You are free to Copy, Paste/Mirror/Move/Rotate,… the Pythonpart element.

Updating double click or position name

Double Click to “Update” button and input the Position name of PythonPart element you want to update.

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