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Video Tutorials (Basic Course)


This tutorial is specially for Structural Engineer who already know ALLPLAN and basic python language.

Adjust Allplan to individual working method with PythonParts
With the new Allplan Python interface, Allplan users can add new functions and objects to Allplan and therefore adjust the BIM software to their own working method. In addition to parametric objects and variants, recurring work steps can be automated.

ALLPLAN interactor Python API (Basic Course)


What is an Interactor? An interactor is a simple, single-purpose object. Interactor provides a common interface for performing complex user interactions. This PythonPart has a simple workflow, if you select any point in the Planview, it will create the model. To support these interactive request, Allplan have another type of Pythonparts, You can find them in InteractorExamples.

The Webinar Series has topics which are curated based on your needs.

Webinar 1

Comprehensive 3D modeling and pythonparts for rebar detailing

Gain ALLPLAN Software overview and learn what ALLPLAN's pythonparts solutions can do to solve structural engineers' challenges.
10 AM (CET) - 24 Feb 2022

10 am cet - 24 Feb 2022

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Webinar 2

How ALLTO PYTHONPARTS enables wall reinforcement in the shortest time

Learn how to reinforce a complicated wall in Allplan. With just a few clicks, input data, you can check, review and then create section and label for the wall in different drawing depend on your need.

How ALLTO PYTHONPARTS enables wall reinforcement in the shortest time

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automation tool to create and reinforce rebar detailing

Faster. Easier. Accurate.

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