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Free Allplan pythonparts developed by ALLTO to help engineers complete the tasks much easier, faster and reduce errors.

Exporting IFC files in ALLPLAN faster with ALLTO PythonParts

This tool can export multiple drawing files at once. You can choose IFC version, drawing files, file path. And you can also export all drawings into 1 IFC files.

ALLPLAN Wall Opening Reinforcement PythonParts

Types of openings in walls, its parts and types of lintels and arches for openings with regard to stability and strength of the wall is discussed. Different part of the openings in walls such as opening head and jambs of openings and their limitations to preserve stability and strength of the wall… Our PythonParts in ALLPLAN recognizes the shape of the wall panel and distributes the main reinforcement and additional reinforcement for wall openings.

ALLPLAN Backup Files - Drawing Recovery

Have ever lost a drawing file just because you forgot to save it or you couldn’t save it (due to software crash)? ALLTO has developed Backup files in ALLPLAN help ensure the safety of your drawing data. By saving your work frequently, you can ensure a minimum of lost data if your system fails for any reason. If a problem occurs, you can restore a drawing backup file.

Add custom attribute in ALLPLAN

ALLTO PythonParts developed the tools to help you define or modify a new custom attribute easily. You can add up to 5 attributes per time use.

Converting from 2D lines/polylines to architecture components

ALLPLAN has been an innovative pioneer in the area of 3D design, from 3D modeling to component-oriented, digital building models as the basis for the BIM design method. 3D design reduces the risk of errors and promotes greater efficiency. With ALLTO PythonParts, it can be – see how easy it is to convert from 2D lines/polylines to architecture components in just some steps with the right tools.

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