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How to successfully structure a BIM team?

BIM team or BIM departments or BIM groups created by many Architecture, engineering and contracting companies or construction companies are the one that performs collision detection, coordination, automated BOQs, phase wise 3D modelling…

Many AEC firms worldwide have Building information modeling departments or Building information modeling groups that perform collision detection, coordination, phase modeling, automated BOMs, and the like on different projects, and act separate from the engineering or CAD group.

More often than not these days, though, you will see firms separating the Building information modeling group completely, creating their own Building information modeling department to work on Building information modeling projects as they come along, knowing that the BIM detailers and professionals have vast experience working on previous projects that utilize Building information modeling, so they can compete head-on with other subcontractors or direct competition.

Some use this as a tactic to best take advantage of what Building information modeling essentially does—save the company (or project) money internally. Others use the group to participate in Building information modeling-focused projects as required.

Creating Building information modeling Execution Plan

Typically, big companies start creating a BEP using a company template for such a document. It fills in the information according to the requirements for the project. For the requirements of this series, I created a BEP template, which will serve us while filling in the next sections of the plan.

Keep in mind that every BEP is unique. Some may contain multiple pages and be divided into multiple sections, while others may be three or four pages long. It all depends on the level of detail, the complexity of the project, its characteristics, requirements, and local regulations.

However, the length of the document itself is not so important. The key is to ensure that the plan effectively guides all team members towards the intended goals of Building information modeling implementation.

Identify key team members and model managers

Once you’ve decided to use Building information modeling, pick the right people for a pilot project. These team members will be the first to tackle training and put a project into action. Remember, they’ll train and support the rest of the team as they start their own projects, so make sure they’re up to the task of trying something new and teaching their coworkers.Here are a few characteristics of good a candidate for your pilot project:

  • Experienced in 3D design or has some exposure
  • Understands the traditional architectural design and construction management process
  • Appreciates data and modeling techniques
  • Learns new software and systems quickly
  • Able to coach and mentor other team members

Building information modeling Lead

A BIM lead is needed to manage different teams that are working on different projects or to manage a sub-department within a BIM team. Project specific standards and processes are setup by BIM lead keeping the core standards intact provided by  Manager or Project Director with the help of BIM lead. 

BIM leads are most knowledgeable and champion in the BIM group / BIM team reporting directly to and partially to BIM Manager / Project Director.

Building information modeling Manager

BIM Managers must have more experience in BIM based projects and BIM related costs and management than leaders and should have countless projects experience under their belts. Manager should have relative experience with project management skills.

Working knowledge of BIM software is sufficient for BIM Managers regardless of intense tech-savvy skills. This should be achieved with combined experience of BIM leads and BIM Managers.

Building information modeling Modelers

BIM Modelers should not be confused with CAD draughtsmen. BIM Modelers are experienced on projects and shall utilize 3D BIM / 3D CAD software which CAD draughtsmen are not using such as AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk Revit, Navisworks and other.

BIM modelers are the ones who helps in running your projects efficiently.

For example, BIM Modeler Level 1 will be required minimum experience and only needs to know AutoCAD and 3D BIM modeling basics while BIM Modeler Level 4 would require extensive project experience and a certified professional in BIM software they will use.

Building information modeling Technology

The BIM Manager or BIM Director will get requests frequently from the BIM group. This includes requests for hardware upgrades such as faster machines, larger monitors, spaceballs, unicorn mouse pads, and the like.

This also includes software requests such as add-ons for AutoCAD or Revit, more licenses for a specific program because of the influx of requests or new hires, or even a request to change the program you are currently using or adding a primary.

Building information modeling technology is increasingly becoming available in new fields of action. Companies are exploring the potential of BIM technology and looking for other methods of applying 3D models and the information they contain. Searching for new areas of BIM application may be a goal for companies with a stable BIM strategy to increase their “range” of services proposed to customers.


BIM technology implementation requires detailed planning and modification of standard design processes. It’s not only a shift in the workflow but also in the way of thinking. Without a proper guide, it would be difficult for us to adjust to these modifications and implement them.

Today’s architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) stakeholders want accurate deliverables, more efficient buildings and smarter processes—and they want them faster. That’s a tall order.

Building information modeling allows 3D problems to be solved with 3D tools, rather than working out 3D problems with 2D tools — it’s the digital way to measure twice and cut once. Using powerful CAD programs, massive amounts of data and seamless communication tactics, BIM makes the design-build collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors and building owners easier.


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